Sustainable tourism development through education and conservation of birds

Birds & Communities

It is very important to help communities develop through bird conservation and tourism. 

It is our mission to strengthen the connection between birds and communities; helping to develop sustainable tourism and bird preservation.

We share our passion about the conservation and bird research by providing education to children and young people about the importance bird management. A few examples of our educational courses include: junior birding tours to inspire appreciation, counting birds populations to cultivate awareness, and local conservation projects that are developing in the Osa Peninsula.

The Osa Peninsula has a great wealth of birds which allows us to observe different species everywhere, especially in the surroundings of the communities where many interesting and very important species for conservation can be easily to spot. Many species of birds of the Osa Peninsula have lost much of their habitat through the colonization and exploitation of natural resources. Sustainable tourism is an excellent way to live in balance with nature and thus preserving bird life.

In our communities there are micro entrepreneurs, including artisans, sodas, and homes where you can enjoy a good coffee and a delicious typical dishes made by peasant hands.

Osa Birders Tours contributes to birds education and conservation through counting of birds surveying and other informational activities. Osa Birders engage young children and adolescents from local schools  on the Osa Peninsula.  With hands-on learning opportunity to inspire and share our passion and knowledge about birds with the hope to instill the importance of conservation in our future generations