Osa Birders Tours operates with some of the greatest lodges in the south pacific of Costa Rica to take you on an spectacular birding adventure in the most pristine forests and conservation lands.

Birding experience and lodging

Osa Birders Tours allows you to participate in the greatest bird watching experience while staying in the best lodges the Osa Peninsula has to offer. Our purpose is to share the best birding tours in the ultimate eco resorts and surroundings.



We create custom itineraries according to our customer`s expectations and interests.

We offer packages that includes specialized birder guide and full board lodging.

Our specialized guide services are dynamic and educational, making the tours even more enriching.

Of course having a highly knowledgeable specialized guide sharing his passion and and talent with you about the nature and birds will greatly influence the quality of your travel experience.


Playa Cativo is a paradise with a garden area around the restaurant which allow visitors a good spot for sighting and photographing birds, some bird species come out from the interior forest for feeding on fruit and flowers of this garden area. Some other species instead remain into the forest, rarely showing of themselves in open areas, but you still get to identify them by their vocalizations with the help of our specialized birders.

Trails allow visitors to enter and explore the interior forest to go in a search for the birds species that never leave the security of their natural habitat.

With a water front you can to observe water birds during the low tides, Juvenile pelagic species are often seen exploring the Golfo Dulce waters.

Into the Golfo Dulce there are important deltas with majestic mangrove forests which are important food source and home for many migratory species. A vast amount of shorebird inhabit these deltas during their wintering, many resident species use this this wetlandland for breeding.

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Lapa Rios protects 1,000 acres of Central America’s last remaining tropical lowland rainforest preserving important endanger bird species and the balance of this valuable ecosystems.

Bird watching and photographing in the property or  surroundings is a great experience. There are always some interesting birds to watch.

The ability to observe birds in the rain forest requires some  training and patience, it`s not easy as observing birds in a field, but you get to see birds that you would not see in any other different habitat.

Waking up and listening to the birds while drinking a cup of coffee is an amazing feeling. A specialize guide will help you to identify every specie and will explain you all what you need to know about that specific bird and more.

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Luna Lodge is committed to protecting, preserving and raising awareness about the rainforest. It is situated in the southern part of Costa Rica, a secluded eco-lodge, situated on 60 acres of primary and secondary rainforest, on the pristine and captivating Osa Peninsula (voted 4th most romantic places in the world by National Geographic).

Luna Lodge is adjacent to Corcovado National Park one of the largest parks in Costa Rica and protects one-third of the peninsula. Described as “…the most biologically intense place on Earth.” by National Geographic. The surroundings of the lodge provide some open areas for photographing or bird watching

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Bosque del Cabo  lodge is an excellent destination for bird watching. It sits in a pristine location and its homes a great variety of endangered birds species. Identifying birds by between the dense greenish foliage is a great adventure. Meeting a mixed flock in the forest will test your skills are birder or photographer. To identify bird here can be frustrating by yourself. Even more with little birds that move quickly, With the helpful tips of our specialized guides and some practice it will be life changing.

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