About Osa Birders Tours

We are a tour agency specialized in bird tourism in the Osa Peninsula. It is our mission to strengthen the connection between birds and communities; helping to develop sustainable tourism and bird preservation.


​We share our passion about the conservation and bird research by providing education to children and young people about the importance bird management. A few examples of our educational courses include: junior birding tours to inspire appreciation, counting birds populations to cultivate awareness, and local conservation projects that are developing in the Osa Peninsula.


Javier Mendoza Vega

Javier`s family have had the pristine of living in harmony with nature since 1987, Protecting 32 hectares of last remaining tropical rain forest of central America. Between Corcovado National Park and Osa Conservation. The most instances place on the earth biologically speaking. 

Born in the Osa Peninsula and raised in a conservation area has allowed Javier the opportunity to learn about the wonders of birds since his childhood. Observation of birds and ornithology study through the years has provide Javier an extended unlimited knowledge. Now he is an experimented profesional guide and ornithologist.